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Kohler-Andrae Spring Session

As a Midwest engagement and wedding photographer, I’ve explored endless dreamy locations for photo sessions. And let’s be honest, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect area to search! From the architectural detail of downtown Chicago, to the shores of Lake Michigan, and the endless fields of flowers and green trees in Wisconsin in the summer, we really do have it all! But when Alyssa & Jonathon told me they wanted to explore a more natural location for their early spring engagement images, I knew exactly where to take them for the session of their dreams. Without the full bloom that comes in mid to late May, I knew a lakefront location was paramount.

We had to plan a Kohler-Andrae State Park engagement session!

This scenic gem near Sheboygan, offers a peaceful getaway and the most romantic, organic vibes for a session. I first discovered Kohler-Andrae when I was looking for a beautiful day trip, hiking adventure, for my family during the summer. I knew right away that I had to bring a gorgeous couple and my camera back here ASAP for a Kohler-Andrae engagement session!

And this quiet, naturally picturesque spot, especially in the Spring, was the perfect backdrop for Alyssa & Jonathon’s love story!

The sand dunes interlaced with beautiful wooden pathways gave the whole session a cape-cod destination feel. Because the trees were not yet in bloom nor the grasses green, the landscape was a soft blank canvas waiting for these two to sparkle in the sand. While I’m sure Alyssa & Jonathon could take incredible photos in Walmart, a setting like this one sure didn’t hurt! I also loved the way they dressed to complement the location.

I always advise my couples to dress it up a bit but in neutral tones that allow their features to really shine; these two definitely chose wisely! Alyssa’s white dress, felt ethereal and blended perfectly with the soft rolling sand dunes and Jonathon’s pop of blue and peep of florals on the sleeves of his shirt complemented the water to beautifully complete the look.

Finding the perfect spot to take couples’ photos isn’t always easy, but you’d better believe I’ll be planning another Kohler-Andrae State Park engagement session very soon! Congratulations, Alyssa & Jonathon on your engagement!

Are you planning a Kohler-Andrae engagement photo session of your own? Say hello so I can save your date and we can plan the most romantic session of your dreams!

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